Sunday, October 3, 2010

MTV Cutthroat

Mtv Cutthroat by You, Me, Us
We're about to start season three of our fantasy MTV Real World / Road Rules Challenge so we had to make a special pre-draft podcaast.  Our two time defending champion abdicated the throne so the crown is ready for the taking, plus we have a rookie owner who landed the highly coveted number one overall pick.  Follow along as we analyze this largely unknown and unfamiliar cast. Also, our first Challenge podcast is linked here. [38:10 min]

Show Notes
2:50 - Pre-draft research
6:00 - Going over the teams / Red Team
11:29 - Blue Team
16:40 - Gray Team
26:10 - Five people to avoid
28:35 - Analyzing our first round
33:55 - Additional draft strategy
35:57 - Our thoughts on the reigning champ leaving

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