Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Season 1 is in the books

Season 1 of "You, Me, Us" was a grand success. Despite being limited by technology and the need to be physically sitting next to my participants, I managed to get quite a few conversations recorded and uploaded. From November 2009-2010, I made a total of forty podcasts, which pretty much achieved my goal of one per week. There were a lot of episodes about relationships and dating, a smattering of ones about life etiquette, a few talks about careers and the continuing search for them, and some each about movies, music, and television. I love having this time capsule of people to look back onto, and sometimes I just listen to them to hear my friends voices. Now if only I could get every friend to make a guest appearance! Some people are so mic shy, seriously...

So what about Season 2? I'm going to try to up my tech game and get an actual external mic -- I've been using my Macbook internal one, as you can tell. Additionally, I'd love to get a recording device that doesn't involve lugging around my laptop. It's been very hard to find a quiet space to conduct interviews when I'm running around a city. I need some mobile podcasting capability in my life. And maybe a dedicated studio.

I'd love to have a regular recurring guests, perhaps once a month, but that would involve figuring out how to use Skype or something and still keeping sound quality high decent. I'm also going to try to start an oral history of myself, as an additional project, inspired by Stephen Elliot's Rumpus series, although perhaps this podcast is already such a thing.

My review board gave me some great feedback on how to up my actual content game by including guest intros, shortening the episode lengths, and keeping the conversations directed and moving. I've already ditched the crappy opening music and made an intro bumper that will be nicer on people's ears, I hope.

I don't like to play favorites -- okay I absolutely do -- but here's a top five selection from Season 1. Thanks for listening, thanks for participating!
And a special podcast that was done by George and I after the Celtics' Game 5 victory in the 2010 Finals. We thought we were on the way to a championship and you can sense our giddiness throughout. Of course, three days later we were absolutely crushed as the Lakers beat them for the crown. I would have podcasted that post Game 7 reaction but it would have just been two hours of silence and crying.

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