Thursday, June 1, 2017

SoundCloud Archives

As it stands, the You Me Us experience has been severely compromised because iTunes is missing most of the files -- the files have been shuffling around all over the years -- and Stitcher only catalogues the recent episodes. One of the things was to get all the You Me Us files up on something accessible. So here's the answer: SoundCloud!

I'm using Soundcloud to host the files for my other podcast, The Redo, so it worked out beautifully. Still no working RSS feed -- that's next -- but at least now all the old MP3 files are uploaded and somewhat easier to listen to. (I'd recommend downloading the SoundCloud app actually.) There's over 28+ hours of terrible sounding audio but lovely friends who joined me to chat. Come delve into an astonishing (almost) eighty episodes of You, Me, Us! And then come talk to me!

And here are some handpicked episodes if you wanna start there: You, Me, Us Top 25 playlist.

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